A yummy snack with classic flavours,
Katti Batti is fun to share with friends
and family. Chose froma range of shapes
and flavours, each with its unique taste.
Our premium snack range, Zoo brings
to you the goodness of potato which is
further enhanced with subtle flavours
that please the senses.
Supavas caters exclusively to the needs
of our customers on their fasting days.
Fasting is no more boring thanks to the
unique flavours of Supavas.
With its unique shape, Ziglets stands
out as a fun treat. Enjoy Ziglets in
flavours you will love.
Gammat is the traditional energy bar
and treat, Chikki. Full of the goodness
of rich, natural ingredients, Gammat is
your anytime snack.

We ArePretteFoods


At Prette Foods we are committed to providing our customers tasty, affordable and convenient foods with unique flavours.


The predominant focus during the manufacturing of our products is on hygiene, which helps us to deliver to our customers, products of consistent quality and freshness. All our raw materials are sourced from among the best available in the market today making our products superior in taste and quality.


As a young company we are looking at building a unique portfolio of amazing food products and dream of assuming a leading role in the industry, in the years to come.


Our products are currently available in Maharashtra and north Karnataka. We are working diligently on increasing the availability of our products across other regions.

Our Brands

Katti Batti


Katti Batti Rolly
Katti Batti Trikon Jeera Masala
Katti Batti Chakru
Supvas Green Chilli Potato Papad
Ziglets Masala Masti
Zoo Classic Salted Onion Rings
Zoo Chatpata Tomato Wheels
Zoo Chilli Masala Bolts
Katti Batti Peepo
Supvas Red Chilli Potato papad
Zoo Mexican cheese onion rings
Katti Batti Vitti
Gammat Crushed peanut Chikki
Gammat Whole peanutChikki
Supvas Jeera Potato Papad
Zoo Cream & onion rings